I help brands grow through strategy, design and insight

My services

I do three things efficiently helped by a process that’s scalable, fits each client’s unique needs, and ensures consistent results.

Working in close collaboration with clients helps scoping the project accurately and bringing ideas to life in a way that aligns with their customers and meets and exceeds business objectives.

Discovery, research, insights

I’ll help you understand, prioritise, and focus on a clear vision and a plan to help your business achieve its goals. This results is a Strategic Roadmap.

Positioning and purpose

Discover and define your business' DNA — why it exists, what makes it special and unique, and what it is trying to accomplish now and in the future.

Brand architecture

Managing brands in a coordinated way helps a company avoid confusing its consumers. I’ll help plan, strategise, and design your brand architecture.

Naming and renaming

Everything starts with a name. An appropriate one defines your brand, makes it stand out, and can shape the future of your business.

Content strategy

Brands today rely on creating content to educate and inform. A content strategy makes sure you connect with your customers in a meaningful way.

Visual identity

I’ll activate your brand's DNA and translate it into a visual language that will make your brand unique and immediately recognisable.

Brand messaging

Words matter. A brand should express its personality through the tone of voice in a way that connects, inspires, and motivates its customers.

Marketing matetial

From various digital assets to physical printed material, good design takes presenting and promoting your products and/or services to a professional level.

Pitch decks and presentations

Strategically built and visually appealing presentations or pitch decks used internally or externally get the point across more efficiently.

Wayfinding and iconography

With the goal of communicating concepts quickly, using icons or wayfinding elements helps strengthen the brand experience.

Brand books and guidelines

An essential document that ensures the brand looks and feels the same at all times, across different communication channels, both internally and externally.


Form follows function. Your digital product needs to be both appealing and function the way its intended user base expects it to.

WordPress Websites and Platforms

Every business or product needs online presence. I'm experienced in creating and managing fully optimized and strategic WordPress-based websites.

Information architecture

Wether it's a simple website or a more complex online shopping store, I will help you structure it in a way that makes sense for you and your customers.

Navigational wireframes

The perfect way to get stakeholder alignment on the structure, content, and functionality. A navigational wireframe is an undesigned prototype.

Interactive prototypes

Doesn't have all the 'bells and whistles' of a final build, but a live prototype can give you a good idea of the functionality, user journey, and flow.

The process

The process starts by identifying the reason your business exists, then defines its Core Purpose.

Next, by using strategic thinking, my design expertise, and project management skills, I’ll help you activate and design your purpose.

Phase 1


The process starts with a facilitated strategic alignment session, then goes through a discovery phase where research and insight will inform the next steps.

Building a brand requires business knowledge and design thinking. This first step is designed to understand your business.

The goals are to uncover the essence of the company and to understand how your business fits into the larger competitive environment. This ensures the solution will be linked to business goals and strategies.

This phase produces a Discovery Brief that is used to accurately define the project’s scope, timeline and budget.

Tools & Methods

  • Research
  • Business insights
  • Usability testing
  • Language audit
  • Market trends
  • Marketing audit
  • Competitive audit
Phase 2


Setting the direction and building the backbone. All the findings from Discovery are distilled into a unifying idea and a positioning strategy.

This phase focuses on analysis, discovery, synthesis, simplicity, and clarity. Agreement is reached on target markets, competitive advantages, brand core values, and brand attributes.

The deliverables here are a Brand Strategy Roadmap, Creative Brief, and depending on the complexity of the project, a comprehensive Brand Brief.

Key sucess factors during this phase are trust and mutual respect.

Tools & Methods

  • Brand positioning
  • Customer profiling
  • Brand attributes
  • Value proposition
  • Brand core values
  • Differentiation
  • Messaging strategy
  • Customer journey
  • Naming and renaming
Phase 3


The creative design process starts by building around the strategic direction of your brand. Design is an iterative process that seeks to integrate meaning with form.

Before opening the sketchbook I want to make sure that the visual language of your brand is aligned with your vision. This is achieved by getting agreement on a design direction through the power of Stylescapes (Moodboards on steroids).

Then, the next step is where the magic happens. This is where your brand or digital product takes shape and where the intersection between strategy and design yields meaningful and beautiful results.

Tools & Methods

  • Design research
  • Stylescapes/Moodboards
  • Creative direction
  • Typography
  • Logo design
  • Color palette
Phase 4


Refinement and design development are central for this phase. The concept has been approved and now’s the time to let it unfold through different applications.

Building on top of the central concept generated in the previous phases, a unique visual language and design system will be set in place. This helps express the brand’s personality and differentiate from competition.

There are plenty of possibilities here and they all reinforce your brand’s core purpose. Content creation, website development, icons sets, collateral design, stationery, and signage—just to name a few.

Tools & Methods

  • Prototyping
  • User testing
  • Digital marketing
  • WordPress CMS
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
Phase 5


Your brand’s or product's journey just began. Managing these requires open-minded leadership and a long-term commitment to doing everything possible to build the brand.

Although the mandate to build the brand must come from the top, a good leader knows that change comes from within at first. This means that, for a successful implementations, your new brand should firstly ignite your employees. This is just the beginning.

Brand building efforts should also prioritize consistency. That is easily achieved with a thorough Style Guides, Brand Book, and/or Online Brand Centers.

Tools & Methods

  • Launch strategies
  • Change champion
  • Employee experience
  • Design guidelines
  • Brand books
  • Online brand centers

Let's write your next success story



Sustainability is at the core of my practice and I love sharing the same beliefs with my clients.

Hence, I’m only working with clients willing to build conscious brands that will have a positive impact and help move the world forward.​


Your brand’s success story is written with your full commitment and involvement, that’s why I’m asking for a collaborative partnership.

Everything happens in small, iterative steps designed to keep you in the loop for every important decision.

On time, on budget

It’s never too late. Except when it is and it costs both time and resources.

Assuming my clients keep their end of the deal, my commitment to them is to always meet the discussed deadlines while staying within the project’s budget.

Form follows function

Your brand’s purpose should be the starting point for its design rather than its aesthetics.

Every design solution I’m providing focuses on creative problem-solving. You have a business problem, I’m here to help you solve it.