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Sunny Residences


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Sunny Residences is a new concept of real-estate agency that also handles the construction and development side of things. From 0 to 100, Sunny Residences aims to have full control over its properties.

I’ve partnered up with them to strategize and design a brand experience that embraces a customer-first approach. One that reflects their core values and beliefs.

Home is a powerful word. For most of us, it means much more than a physical location. It’s safety, security, stability, and most importantly, love. However, for a place to become home it has to start with the right place. A place that facilitates the development of those kind of emotions.

This is where Sunny Residences steps in and promises a 360° experience for its future customers. From the research for the perfect location, buying the land, and raising the apartment buildings, to handing the keys to the lucky owners, providing maintenance services, and community building. Sunny Residences will be born in a small Romanian town named Caransebes, but has national ambitions.

The new brand should attract young families and couples and,at the same time, be scalable and show seriousness and business potential to investors. Their main goals are to secure the necessary funds to start the project and sell the new apartments as fast as possible upon project completion.

In close collaboration with Sunny Residences’ CEO and key stakeholders, I’ve started developing a brand strategy and messaging that captured the spirit of the brand and set the scene for the the creative direction.

The resulting brand identity and experience positions the company as the new and improved way of buying and owning a home. One that is able to promise very high consumer satisfaction because of the way they operate.
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The concept: it's in the name.

Sunny Residences’ founder got inspired to name its new venture after the location where the buildings are being built. At the same time, they’re paying homage to an influential character named Sunny.

The logo depicts the sun that’s rising from behind a building. A clear and bright sunrise is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm and focused. Exactly how you should feel at home.

Unique strategic beauty

Sometimes, a simple answer is too basic and doesn’t quite cover all the bases. So, in order to come up with an appropriate result, a custom solution was needed.

The letters in the logo were carefully crafted to do three things: appeal to the targeted audience; reflect the brand attributes; and last but not least, be beautiful.

Natural colors, expressive type

The color palette that’s taking the identity to a whole other levelis inspired by the natural colors found in close proximity of the first location. Calm yet vibrant and exciting, it aims to give the end-user a sense of confidence and security.

Roc Grotesk, the chosen typeface, follows the same principles as the logo, aiming to match and ultimately aid enhance the brand’s personality.

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