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Royal Flowers Vienna


Visual Identity, Digital, Motion, Print, Merchandise

Not particularly a new kind of florist in Vienna, at the time, but one that promised their clients that their “immortal” or “eternal” roses can last up to 20 years, with proper care. Now that was new and unexpected.

Royal Flowers was trying to penetrate a relatively small market with a superior product. However, a great product is not enough without a proper image — and that’s where I came in.



Help an upper-class audience discover that they needed what they didn’t know they need. The need was to develop a visual identity for a brand that’s offering both premium products and premium service, but that’s not trying to be too pretentious, and couple that with.



A simple, yet carefully crafted visual identity to appeal to the desired target audience. A classic vibe with a modern twist to reflect both the spirit of the brand and the spirit of the beautiful city where it was born, Austria’s capital, Vienna.

To complete the birth of a new brand, we’ve mapped out a customer journey and considered the main touchpoints, then designed different materials to enhance the experience. The final designs were also designed with the city’s spirit in the back of our minds and the results speak for themselves.


Fun fact

As an experiment, I’ve been also tasked (or, rather, asked nicely to try) with Royal Flowers’ SEO efforts. Over a period of 7 days, I’ve managed to rank Royal Flowers number 1 on Google Austria in their category. Admittedly, competition was low, but that’s still a win in my book.

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Campaign promo

Royal Flower wanted to launch a campaign on social media and they needed something more dynamic than a regular still image.

I’ve been tasked to come up with a promotional material that would help them boost sales during their campaign. The resulted motion graphic managed to capture attention and sell out Royal Flowers’stock in a matter of days.

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